BSA Giveaway “For Your Eyes Only”: The Sequel

OK BSA Readers. We heard your lamentations and we understand. Many of you wrote to say we made our contest too hard. We’re very thorry.

We’ve slimmed down the list, because we really want you to win! Chris from Robots Will Kill donated this original piece to you! Try again!

This is what the winner gets by Chris from RWK acrylic on wood 8 x 8 signed
YOUR PRIZE: This cool piece by Chris from Robots Will Kill! 8″ x 8″, acrylic on wood, signed by the artist.

Below is a set of images focusing on a detail of  the eyes on the artist work.

To win Chris’ original and signed piece (pictured above), identify all of the artists. If we don’t have a reader that identifies all of the artist the reader that correctly identifies most of them wins!!!

The Lucky Winner will be announced on Fun Friday Next Week 06.18.10, along with the answers.

Please email your answers to info @ with BSA GIVEAWAY in the subject.

Good Luck! Ready, GO!

No 1

No. 1

No 2

No. 2

No 3

No. 3

No. 5

No. 4

No. 7

No. 5

No. 13

No. 6

No. 15

No. 7

No. 16

No. 8

(all photos © Jaime Rojo)