Galeria Verbo Presents: Apolo Torres “Tempestade” (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Apolo Torres

Apolo Torres "Tempestade"

Apolo Torres "Tempestade"

Two years after his first exhibit, Brazilian Street Artist Apolo Torres returns to Verbo gallery in Sao Paulo for a show called TEMPESTADE (meaning Storm), with a collection of paintings from his most recent production, as well as drawings and prints on paper.
At a good moment in his career, Apolo participated in important group exhibitions and  partnerships over the last couple of years, leading him recently to a gig making the art for songwriter Rodrigo Ramos’ debut record.
The contemporary works for this show show sensitive approach to the life in big cities; in a questioning, poetic way that focus on environmental and political problems such as the recent floods in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Behind the aesthetics is a criticism of poor urban planning and overpopulation along with a tribute to the people who get on with their lives and their routine in spite of these problems.
Apolo Torres "Coexistencia"  (detail)

Apolo Torres "Coexistencia" (detail)