Eastern District Gallery Presents: “East Williamsburg” CA$H 4, JUAN DOE, JIM KIERNAN, LUCAS MCGOWEN, NOHJCOLEY AND POSTER BOY



Brooklyn is changing… again. Some call it a renaissance. Others are too busy with the rent hikes to call it anything. We’re in the thick of it here at Eastern District so we deemed it “necessary” to address such pressing issues with a “critical” art show. Ladies & Gents Eastern District Gallery presents: “East Williamsburg”, because defining reality is sometimes harder than choosing a color for your fixie. The show is being produced by the E.D. Clan: CA$H 4, Juan Doe, Jim Kiernan, Lucas McGowen, NohJColey, and Poster Boy BANK$Y, yes the Poster Boy BANK$Y. Show opens Friday, March 12 at 7pm. There will be free drinks and a live Dj, but no parking. Sorry, a parking garage has yet to grace our lovely community, so you might have to take the L train to the Morgan stop in Brooklyn. 43 Bogart St.