Saber on Dylan Ratigan Regarding, Um, Art

Now I know conservatives had art class in school too. That is, unless the funding was cut off because taxes had to be diverted elsewhere.

And certainly we have been through this whole “Flag” discussion a thousand times. You’re probably too young to remember the big deal during Daddy Bush’s run for president about flag burning.

And maybe you’ve heard about the artist Andres Serrano, who photographed a crucifix in a jar of his own urine for a piece called “Piss Christ”.  Dude, symbols are appropriated into art on a daily basis.  Outrageous? Yes. Protected speech? Yes. Another example of people who are shredding the constitution beating their chests about a symbol of patriotism. What do you think?

It’s just nice that the artist in this case, Saber, knows how to speak for himself regarding graffiti, the First Amendment, and the highly dysfunctional healthcare system in the U.S.