Eastern Disctrict Gallery Presents: Black Apple is home a Public School exhibit


Eastern District La Mode Noir presents:
Black Apple is home a Public School exhibit

Friday, January 15th- January 24th
Opening reception Friday January 15th 7pm-10pm

Public School’s Artistic Director and gallerist Michael “tido” Cabrera will commission
3 artist of Eastern District’s collective Aakash Nihalani’s ,Mario Brother’s and Cahbasm to introduce Eastern District la mode noir a collaborative project with Eastern District gallery and New York’s fashion house Public School. The artists and gallery will translate their work into  the medium of fashion via Public School Garments. Deigning Art inspired tees

All 3 artist through their different mediums of work have been trying to offer people a different perspective of New York (The black Apple) whether it being addressing social issues or just wanting people to engage with their  work using public spaces.
Public School Finding perfection in imperfection, holding a pen in one hand and a sword on another Public School and Eastern District make their home the  black apple a home a platform of learning,

Please join us for the exhibit “Black Apple is Home” curated by the black apples.

The exhibit will give New Yorkers a chance to view and interact with the Artist’s work who will be collaborating with Public school from the perspective of an actual gallery space and it will be a pre-introduction of the shirts that will be at exhibit at the public school booth at NY’s capsule trade show.

Eastern District Gallery 43 Bogart Street. Brooklyn NY Take L train to Morgan Ave