DickChicken ‘GIRLS & SNACKS’ at 3rd Ward

Dick Chicken Presents ‘GIRLS & SNACKS’

DATE: DateFriday, October 23, 2009 at 7:00PM | Share ArticleShare Event

Dick Chicken Presents ‘GIRLS & SNACKS’
October 23, 2009, 7 to 10 p, FREE admission

Join us for the Launch of our new space at 573 Metropolitan Avenue & the unveiling of a Dick Chicken mural & exhibition!  This is your chance to learn more about the man behind the cock, preview the new space, and drink complimentary cocktails & Colt 45 & dance to DJ Alden Fonda.

RSVP events@3rdward.com

It’s the most infamous tag of the moment. And we all know he’s prolific in his ability to hit every open surface this side of Williamsburg Bridge, but what does it all mean?!  From his mouth to God’s ears:

“Here DC is doing what he/she does best, having fun. Is there a larger metaphor at work? Is this work social commentary? Is it about our unsustainable food industry? Does it speak of the lust, avarice and greed with which we have squandered our human potential? Does this work point to a larger method of subtle control put into play by those who stand to gain from it’s practice? Do you need something that heavy attached to it to enjoy it and have a good time? Maybe it is about whimsy, the idea that something can affect you on a base level. You can laugh and dance and play, without looking for meaning, like when you hear a good song…Maybe it’s about none of those things. I can tell you this though, there will be dickchicken, GIRLS & SNACKS.”

***On display through November 1, 2009.

Creative Commons License photo credit: hragv