MBW Urban Arts Festival – Some Artists Videos

It’s Friday! Time to watch videos with one eye and watch your boss with the other. Unless you don’t have a job – then you can just stay in your underwear on the couch with the laptop and watch with both eyes.

These are just a few videos of just a few of the people who will be at the MBP Urban Arts Fest in Bushwick, Brooklyn tomorrow – and those at the festival are just a FEW of the artists whose work is seen on the streets in Brooklyn and New York City. It’s a gigantic ever-evolving scene in the gallery of the streets.

Martha Cooper – See the BSA interview

Ji Lee

Robots Will Kill – See the BSA Inteview

Royce Bannon – see the BSA interview

Destroy & Rebuild – See the BSA Interview

Ellis G.

JMR – see the BSA interview.