211, rue Saint Maur 75010 Paris – France

10.14 > 11.12 – 2009
Opening : Wednesday, October 14, 2009
Since Gallery

TRANSLATED FROM FRENCH  – It is inside the Parisian subway that FKDL drew the material for those 20 pieces chosen for the exhibit at Since gallery.

Underneath the earthenware tiles and the branded posters, the artist, endless strider of the streets and entrails of the French capital, stumbles upon a treasure : strips of olds ads, forgotten remnants of the 50’s.

Vintage colors, shapes and fonts that instantly take us back in time,
somewhere between nostalgia and modernity. Here, over that colored paper from the 50’s, playful silhouettes stretch out in black & white, and adorn themselves with actors and actresses from those days. On the back of each piece, the artist carefully listed all the appearing people, along with the number and the date of the magazine he used.

Those silhouettes have been part of FKDL’s family since 2006, and he gave them life on the streets of Paris, Barcelona, New-York, London… Now, it has gotten bigger to welcome this testimony to the 50’s.
For old papers, left on walls to hang for decades, tell a universal story and link us all through time and space.
Urban recycling “made in Franck”: a touch of eternity, life forever reinvented.