Elusive Dain grants interview

Big ups to Brooklynite Gallery for getting this exclusive interview with Brooklyn street artist Dain, who has been rockin’ the starlet/portrait pasteups since before Swoon and Supine were playing with those little rounded kiddie scissors and Elmer’s glue, ya’ll.

Dudes’ been mixing wheatpaste since street artists had to make it out of mashed potatoes. This inside look at his home and studio reveals the process, the plain-spoken perspective, and it puts the pox on all those poseurs who are puttin up putrid pink powder-puff pusilanimy today.  Period.

Master Dain does iconic Audry. (copyright ) Charlie Cravero


Dain on Mulberry St.

Dain frequently draws upon images from his childhood. (photo credit: Noah Sussman)

Noah Sussman


Old Skool Dain from back in the day. (photo credit: Petroleum Jelliffe)

Petroleum Jelliffe

On Driggs

Brooklyn Dain goes hard. (photo credit: Hrag Vartanian)

Hrag Vartanian