PMP’s Swollen Purple Headedness at “Street Crush”

Peripheral Media Projects, a screen print troupe of artists,

anchored in the ever-expanding artist empire of Bushwick, Brooklyn, favors the symbol and it’s implicative powers. With clip-art flat icons combined with photo realistic images and textbook illustration, the compositional elements continue to break apart and regroup with each new piece.

For the “Street Crush” show, PMP is raining bunnies like a spring shower over nascent Brooklyn flower beds, drenching the toxic soil with fresh acid rain. Holy Cannoli!, don’t those bunnies multiply? We don’t pretend to know what the rest is all about, why don’t you have a look. Look straight and steadily into my eyes…….


You Are Feeling Very Sleepy. "Purple Head" by Peripheral Media Projects for the "Street Crush" show

Peripheral Media Projects