Strange Little people with Manic Faces – Jon Burgerman

I used to doodle a lot on my school books.

In the margins, little people, animals, teachers, cars…., adding serif to Arial, turning words into turds, hi-jacking “History” so it said “Sh*tstory”. And of course the drawings of naughty bits of naked men and ladies were the most fun – to show my buddy in the back row of Algebra class while Mr. Mertski was droning on and on about square roots and other non-sense. Maybe that’s why I can’t figure out how many quarters it will take to dry my laundry . Hmmm. For that matter, the doodling didn’t really take off.

Anyway, for your entertainment, here’s a truly talented lot – including Jon Burgerman, who’s going to be in a cool show with Jim Avignon at Factory Fresh on February 12. Live drawing too!

Anxiety Room at Factory Fresh