Brooklyn Street Art

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Dont Fret Takes Europe, and We All Feel Better

When you hear the name of Street Artist Don’t Fret you can be assured that he means exactly the opposite. Exposing random and selected people’s faults, foibles, and fraternizing habits is just a way to quickly capture the free-wheeling imaginings and inner conversations that Don’t Fret has running through his head almost continuously. On his […]

“Face Time” with Various & Gould in Berlin

80 meters from the former Berlin Wall in an area still straddling “former east” and “former west” in Berliners’ minds, Street Art duo Various and Gould have just spent 12 days on “Face Time”, a patchwork faced mural that mimics the increasing diversity of the city. Suitably for this new view of the city, it […]

UN & StolenSpace Create PM/8 “Freedom” in Berlin

Urban Nation in Berlin has just completed a new series of walls, window displayed artworks, and a gallery show for the eighth edition of Project M (PM/8) in conjunction with StolenSpace Gallery in London. Snik (photo © Nika Kramer) The show is called “Freedom” and features a few of the better known names in the […]

Various & Gould Tell a #PublicTale as Scavenger Hunt in Berlin

A new elaborate and inventive public art / scavenger hunt installation in Berlin brings you back inside the combined imaginations of Various & Gould, where you must trust them as they lead you along a colorfully quirky and storied path to find their next installment to continue the story. If art is truly a projection […]

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