Brooklyn Street Art

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Skount and Kera on a Wall and a Train in Germany

Skount has been experimenting with abstract patterns in some of his new work, especially this new wall with his bro Kera in Berlin. The attraction of abstraction continues to appear in Street Art and murals, and our theory today for its resurgence is that it is an unconscious way of assembling the multiple media/entertainment streams [...]

Rub Kandy in the Gallery and in Public in Lichtenburg, Berlin

The first thing you learn with contemporary, specifically conceptual, art is that it is likely to be accompanied by an artist’s statement. Some times the statement is illustrative and clarifying while other times it may feel like you have fallen into the beige university basement professors’ lounge full of caffeinated academics who are playing a [...]

New Video for Project M/3 at UN Site in Berlin

Here’s a fresh video (below) completed yesterday that shows a little of the excitement and machinations behind the scenes of the Project M/3 in Berlin, as well as dramatic foreshadowing of the UN. Director Yasha Young lays some of the groundwork philosophy and Martha Cooper alludes cheerfully to the scope of things to come.  JBAK [...]

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