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Stencil Top 5: 05.11.10 from BSA


The Stencil Top 5 as picked by Samantha Longhi of StencilHistoryX

Eimeme (Portugal) Visual Street Performance (VSP), Porto  Although London based artist Best Ever distinguished himself at the  highest point at the 6th edition of Visual Street Performance held in  Porto, as for stencil art, we discovered the Portuguese artist Eimeme. The VSP is a collective unifying event that combines music, lectures,  indoor and outdoor artworks. It is especially supported since 2005, the  year of its creation, by the young prodigy's national street art Vhils.
Portuguese stencil artist Eimeme shows this piece as part of the 6th Edition of “Visual Street Performance” held in Porto. The event combines music, lectures, indoor and outdoor artworks. Created in 2005 the event was the brainchild of street artist Vhils.

Dolk 4 Mai Outdoor stencil, Duoshow with M-City, Brooklynite Gallery, NYC copyright Becki Fuller
Dolk  (photo © Becki Fuller)

Ender 6 mai Portrait de Michel-Ange
“Portrait de Michel-Ange” by Ender

Czarnobyl 6 mai Fat Lady, solo show @ATM Gallery until May 29, 2010. Copyright urbanartcore
“Fat Lady” by Czarnobyl “Mutations” at the solo show at the ATM Gallery in Berlin (image © Urbanartcore)

Quasikunst Boulevard de Sébastopol, Paris 4e
Quasikunst on the Boulevard de Sébastopol in Paris

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