Mighty Tanaka Presents: Entropology: Man’s Devolution


Mighty Tanaka Presents Entropology: Man’s Devolution
New Hybrid Art Show at Mighty Tanaka Studio to Begin January 15 – February 12, 2010

NEW YORK, NY – January 4, 2010 – In the vein of Mighty Tanaka’s latest endeavor, Hybridism, comes Entropology: Man’s Devolution, a dual gallery show featuring John Breiner and Max Greis, showcasing through art the worldly creation and destruction provoked by man.

Entropology provokes us to analyze our own history – the old vs. the new: where we are, where we come from and where we’re going; to explore changes in time and history; how we’ve effected the world in our destruction of nature and creation of new technology.

Through recycled materials, old-fashioned transfer techniques, collage, paint and other modern elements, Breiner and Greis convey imagery of impending doom with their pseudo-surrealist style and convulsive beauty.

About the Artists

Born in Poughkeepsie NY and residing in and around Brooklyn NY since 1999, John Breiner has showcased his art around the world. With his surfaces of choice being books, assembled paper and found objects, Breiner embraces a more traditional, yet tedious and hands-on process of creating work that he hopes will stand as a glimpse into these strange times in which we live.

Born and raised in New York City and now living in Brooklyn, Max Greis creates landscapes reflecting themes of global destructions, whether through global warming and the loss of ecosystems, to the disintegration of indigenous cultures and peoples. Through painting, diorama and video, Greis utilizes collage to create a globalized vision built from many individual landscapes.

Friday, January 15, 2010 – 5:30PM-9:00PM, and closing February 12, 2010

Mighty Tanaka Studio
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Brooklyn, NY 11201
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About Mighty Tanaka

Mighty Tanaka is Alex Emmart and Caleb James: an independent curatorial organization dedicated to the advancement and integrity of the urban arts. Through the utilization of skilled curating and various media techniques, we strive to create a stable foundation for artists operating within the urban environment. Mighty Tanaka is driven by urban inspiration and is clearing the way for this emerging art movement to expand beyond the city walls and into our personal lives. Our mission is to provide a myriad of curated and production services.