25th Anniversary of Subway Art at Black Rat (UK)

Black Rat Press will be hosting a book launch to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the legendary book Subway Art by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. In 1984 Thames and Hudson made the brave decision to publish a book of photographs of graffiti covered trains from New York subways. The original print run was limited to only 5000 copies. Subway Art has been in print ever since and the then little known scene which Martha and Henry documented has gone on to be an international phenomenon, in part thanks to the book itself. Black Rat Press are delighted to be hosting this event and that both Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant will be in London to attend the launch. The central pull out pages of Subway Art feature a train painted by legendary New York writer Blade. We are excited to announce that Blade will also be making his way to London this Thursday to attend the opening. For anyone interested in the history of graffiti this is a great opportunity to celebrate 25 years of its documentation and to meet some of this scenes legendary figures.

At the launch the gallery will be showing works by the Burning Candy Crew all of whom site Subway Art as one of the main reasons they started painting.