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Fun Friday 06.08.12

Hey!  It’s Friday!!!  What’s for breakfast? Oatmeal and Hamlet!  IF you are brave enough to go all the way down the stairs, that is.

1. “City of Fire” Sparkles in Beverly Hills (CA)
2. Stencil Bastards (Zurich)
3. “20:12” in London
4. Figment 2012 (NYC)
5. 2012 London Gymnast by #CodeFC (VDEO)
6. Voice of Art with Enik One. Los Angeles and the crackdown on murals (VDEO)
7. Conor Harrington Will “Meat” You on the Street and in the Studio (VIDEO)
8. YO! It’s ND’A Up on a Roof in Bushwick, BK Baby! (VIDEO)

“City of Fire” Sparkles in Beverly Hills (CA)

“City of Fire” is a group exhibition that includes some of your favorite Street Artists skewing decidedly uptown and curated by Arrested Motion.

Artists include: Cyrcle, Thomas Doyle, Ron English, James Jean, Kid Zoom, Dave Kinsey, Mars-1, Patrick Martinez, Pedro Matos, REVOK, Rostarr, SABER, Andrew Schoultz, Jeff Soto, Judith Supine, TrustoCorp, Mark Dean Veca, Nick Walker, and Adam Wallacavage. You can look forward to rockin’ art and cool rocks.

Judith Supine on the streets of Williamsburg (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Stencil Bastards (Zurich)

Christian Guemy curates “Stencil Bastards”, a group exhibition that showcases a select group of artists who work with stencils. Opening tonight at the Starkart Exhibitions Gallery in Zürich, Switzerland, these are some of Europe’s best at the moment.

Artists included in the show are: Epsylon Point (FR), C215 (FR), Eime (PT), Btoy (ES), Orticanoodles (IT), Kris Trappeniers (BE), Leckomio (DE) and Snik (UK).

C215 on the streets of Baltimore. (photo © Jaime Rojo)

For further information regarding this show click here.

“20:12” in London

The show “20:12” at The Curious Duke Gallery in London, UK is now open in time for the Olympics with a solo show by #codefc. The artist has been creating stencil art as a commentary on the imminent games to be inaugurated momentarily in London, using his signature image of a camera to play with traditional images of athletes shown performing various sport disciplines. Check out the multimedia video near the end of the posting.

#codefc “Cyclist” (photo © #codefc)

For further information regarding this show click here.

Figment 2012 (NYC)

It’s back!  Take the boat to Governor’s island this weekend and play in the grass and the trees and see art, installations, and performances. Figment 2012 in New York City opens this Saturday at 10:00 AM – A multidisciplinary art festival that welcomes all regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation and body fat index.

If you would like to spend two full days (no nights) on a beautiful Island on the East River taking in all sorts of art and experiences and meet the artists who make it first hand then this is the event of your dreams. Go! You’ll have fun.

Deborah-Yoon “Hive Mind” Figment 2009 (photo © Michael-Dolan)

For further information regarding this event click here.

2012 London Gymnast by #CodeFC (VIDEO)

Watch the Street Artist create a stencil and watch 50 other graphic elements fly, flicker, and shimmer across the screen at the same time.  It’s the Gymnastic Minority Report!

Voice of Art with Enik One. Los Angeles and the crackdown on murals. (VIDEO)

It’s weird how they disguised his voice and face on this, like he’s an international extraterrestrial terrorist of some sort. Dude, he’s smacking up some wheatpastes. Calm yourself.

Conor Harrington Will “Meat” You on the Street and in the Studio (VIDEO)

Giving us the lowdown on his formative graff years and his subsequent transition into fine art and his continuing love for both games – a promo from his show at Lazerides.

YO! It’s ND’A Up on a Roof in Bushwick, BK Baby! (VIDEO)

Dan Gingold and Andrew Morton shot and produced this very atmospheric time-lapse video of ND’A just off the train tracks of the JMZ – a ghostlike shimmer on a rooftop. Well done.

On a side note, we hear that the primary goal of this video is to bring fame to the participants, which hopefully will result in a yacht filled with whiskey and strippers.  If you are invited I would wear my life preserver the entire time just in case. Nothing else, just the life preserver.



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Starkart Art Exhibitions Present: “Stencil Bastards” Curated By Christian Guemy. (Zürich, Switzerland)

Stencil Bastards

C215, Epsylon Point, Eime, Btoy, Orticanoodles, Kris Trappeniers Leckomio und Snik

Eine Gruppenschau mit 9 Künstlern aus dem Umfeld der Street-Art Urban-Art, die Schablonen als ihr Stilmittel gewählt haben. Sie sind aus halb Europa, was heisst diese Ausstellung ist eine gute Gelegenheit für Leute die speziell interessiert sind an dieser Art von Graffiti Kultur, um sich einen Überblick zu verschaffen was da so abgeht.
Christian Guemy kuratiert.

Alle der Insgesamt neun Künstler aus dem Umfeld der Street Art, Urban Art und Graffiti Kultur, werden ihre Werke erstmals in der Schweiz zeigen.
Epsylon Point (FR), C215 (FR), Eime (PT), Btoy (ES), Orticanoodles (IT), Kris Trappeniers (BE), Leckomio (DE) und Snik (UK), sind sogenannte Stencil Artists und gehören
mit zu den bekanntesten in Europa. Sie nutzen überwiegend den öffentlichen Raum als ihr Medium und Schablonen als ihr Werkzeug.

Einer der berühmtesten unter ihnen ist sicherlich Christian Guemy aus Paris, auch bekannt unter seinem Künstlernamen C215.
Sein farbenfroher Stil, sein Talent, Mut, und seine unglaubliche Schaffenskraft sind ein wichtiger Teil der Stencil-Art Bewegung, die immer mehr Fans rund um den Globus findet.
Er hat schon an zahlreichen Ausstellungen teilgenommen, wird in zahllosen Publikationen erwähnt und kürzlich ein eigenes Buch “Community Service” veröffentlicht. Seine Werke findet man von Oslo über London, Paris, Moscow, Rom, Barcelona, Berlin und in vielen anderen Städten, über ganz Europa verstreut, bis hin nach Casablanca, Brooklyn, Sao Paolo und Neu-Dehli.

Erstmals in der Schweiz widmet sich eine Ausstellung exklusiv der Stencil-Art, dieser eigenständigen Richtung innerhalb der Graffiti Kultur.

Vernissage 8 Juni ab 18 Uhr, die SKA Band “Pueblo Criminal” aus Zürich (9 Leute) spielt auch an diesem Abend und DJ: “Musical Warfare”, er legt Early Reggae, Rock Steady and Ska auf…

Stencil History X Feature über die Ausstellung:
Stencil Bastards at Starkart Gallery Zurich

“Stencil Bastards”
Kuratiert von Christian Guemy
8. Juni – 8. July 2012
Vernissage: 8 Juni 18 – 24 Uhr
Öffnungszeiten: Do/Fr 17 – 20 Uhr, Sa 14 – 19 Uhr
Starkart Exhibitions, Brauerstrasse 126, 8004 Zürich

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