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Winter Chill? Burn Your Art!

A few weeks ago Street Artist Celso and some of his friends decided to have an art show in Miami Beach during the much ballyhooed Art Basel show.

As a response to the aforementioned ballyhoo, and perhaps as a commentary about the romance with and commercialization of street art, the culmination of the “Art Burn” show was to light all of it on fire and grin mischievously. As an additional dystopian thrill for the assembled pyro-artiacts, a copy of Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury was torched also, after memorizing of course.

Thanks to Hargo for the excellent atmospheric pics – and to learn more about the project check out fabulous Carolina Miranda at

With a fire extinguisher at the ready, and a gallon of water, and a beer (photo © Hargo)

For fire-tagger Ellis G., this particular event was not too much of a stretch. (photo © Hargo)

Debbie Harry has not been this hot since the 80’s (Billi Kid) (photo © Hargo)

Kids plus fire equals good times. Where’s that bag of marshmallows? (photo © Hargo)

Art radicals, pavement and fences …. now just add 5 tires to the fire and you’ve got yourself a G8 Summit!  (photo © Hargo)

Skewville’s demand has gone up since some of their supply was burned (©Hargo)

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