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Favorite Shepard Fairey Obama Spoofs

Oh sure, Obama Won.

But one of the Real Winners in ’08 was Mr. Obey, who can now lay claim to having created an Iconic image that transcends many categories and ends up in the history books. And let’s hear it for Community Organizing! – a term snarled from the stage of the puffy pasty convention. Shepard Fairey deserves praise for all the work he did with and the Obama campaign to bring more diverse voices (many of them voting for the first time) into the big tent and help reclaim a sense of a government for the people by the people. How grand.

And there were many inspired versions of the original Red/Blue Change-Hope-Progress posters, sometimes with themes in direct opposition to Obama’s, sometimes so quirky and wacky that they wandered off the farm. There must have been hundreds – every kid with Photoshop and a smart-alecky wit did a version; maybe wheatpasting it, sometimes planting it on a t-shirt, more often emailing it- now that’s Democracy!

What? Me Vote?

What? Me Vote? (Mad Magazine)

Zapata believe it!        (

Zapata believe it! (

Dodged a Bullet on That One!  These Were Up in Williamsburg for about a Week    (

Dodged a Bullet on That One! These Were Up in Williamsburg for about a Week (

Bork De Bork De Bork! The Swedish Chef! (Sleeper Cell)

Cause you gotta have chope!     (

Cause you gotta have chope! (

KEEEEEEEEFF!!!            (


God Bless Us All           (Michael Ian Weinfeld)

Oh bless his heart. (Michael Ian Weinfeld)

Shepard Fairey Obey: Supply & Demand : The Art of Shepard Fairey

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