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The Problem With MOCA : Street Art Talks Back

Responding to a museum show that brings Street Art inside and charges admission to see it, a local Street Artist tweaks the nose of MOCA’s “Art in the Streets” with some actual Street Art in situ. Ironically, it also drew a crowd of curious admirers to the sidewalk.

Eddie Colla says his billboard takeover is a response to a #s265234) ” target=”_blank”>Huffington Post article last week where a finger wagging tone was on display toward current street artists, “MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch pegs it on the ‘young’ and ‘anarchic,’ and is quoted giving this message to illegal taggers: ‘If you harness your talent you can be in a museum some day, make a contribution and a living from it.’ ”


A testament to the current fascination among teens, 20 and 30-somethings with the entire topic of Street Art, observers report that the installation of Colla’s piece drew a small crowd of tourists, who took turns snapping photos and posing in front of it – some of which we show here. Even more incredibly, after the poster company covered it and left yesterday, witnesses say a bystander apparently began removing the advertising posters.


Reached for comment, the artist told us the message of the piece is pretty self evident and he hung around after putting it up to listen to people stopping to take pictures.

Brooklyn Street Art: What kind of reaction did the installation get on the street?
Eddie Colla:
It ranged from “Is that Bansky?”, “Are you Banksy?”, “I think that’s f*ckin Banksy”, and “Holy sh*t! It’s Banksy”. Of course there’s the one nob who always mispronounces Banksy and says “Yo It’s BAN-SKY”. So there was that and a couple “hey cools” and “what do you make your stencils out of?” and “you’re eddie right?”.


Brooklyn Street Art: Did you think that people would actually pose in front of it for a group photo?
Eddie Colla:
Sure why not, It’s a nice sort of background. Much better than the movie posters that were there when I started.


Brooklyn Street Art: When do you think this Street Art madness, I mean fascination, end?
Eddie Colla:
When they release “Exit through the gift shop 2 – Electric Boogaloo”. I think that will be the beginning of the end.


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Swoon Talks at the 92Y Tomorrow Thursday, January 20


In 2010, Brooklyn-based street artist Swoon traveled to Haiti as part of the Creative Time Global Residency Program and worked with communities in Port au Prince and Bigones to rebuild housing and community structures after the devastating earthquake last year.  Hyperallergic reported on the the project’s recent inauguration in Haiti:

The project is a rebuilding initiative, which “uses dome-style structures and the super-adobe technique of earth bag architecture to create sustainable, inexpensive and dependable housing for the people of Haiti. While the structures are extremely resistant to natural disasters, they also have the major benefit of being comprised of 90% earth and requiring no specialized scaffolding and understructure to build — making it a viable option for the people of Haiti to continue building on their own once they learn the method.”

Swoon was one of six New York-based artists—along with Sanford Biggers, K8 Hardy, Emily Jacir, Maya Lin and Walid Raad—given the opportunity “to get off the race track” that is life in New York City and focus on their work in another part of the world. Maya Lin researched mass extinctions while visiting Ecuador, Egypt, and China, Walid Raad traveled to Beirut, Sanford Biggers visited Brazil to work with video; K8 Hardy made stops in Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina to investigate fringe queer culture and Emily Jacir investigated activism in Italy.

This Thursday, January 20, all six artists will come to 92nd Street Y to share the stories, findings and lessons from their time abroad.

Click on the link below to read Brooklyn Street Art Studio Visit and Interview with Swoon on The Huffington Post:

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Happy New Year! BSA Highlights of 2010


As we start a new year, we say thank you for the last one.

And Thank You to the artists who shared their 11 Wishes for 2011 with Brooklyn Street Art; Conor Harrington, Eli Cook, Indigo, Gilf, Todd Mazer, Vasco Mucci, Kimberly Brooks, Rusty Rehl, Tip Toe, Samson, and Ludo. You each contributed a very cool gift to the BSA family, and we’re grateful.

We looked over the last year to take in all the great projects we were in and fascinating people we had the pleasure to work with. It was a helluva year, and please take a look at the highlights to get an idea what a rich cultural explosion we are all a part of at this moment.

The new year already has some amazing new opportunities to celebrate Street Art and artists. We are looking forward to meeting you and playing with you and working with you in 2011.

Specter does “Gentrification Series” © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley and Gaia © Jaime Rojo
Jef Aerosol’s tribute to Basquiat © Jaime Rojo


Imminent Disaster © Steven P. Harrington
Fauxreel (photo courtesy the artist)
Chris Stain at Brooklyn Bowl © Jaime Rojo


Various & Gould © Jaime Rojo
Anthony Lister on the street © Jaime Rojo
Trusto Corp was lovin it.


Martha Cooper, Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
BSA’s Auction for Free Arts NYC
Crotched objects began appearing on the street this year. © Jaime Rojo


BSA gets some walls for ROA © Jaime Rojo
Dolk at Brooklynite © Steven P. Harrington
BSA gets Ludo some action “Pretty Malevolence” © Jaime Rojo


The Crest Hardware Art Show © Jaime Rojo
NohJ Coley © Jaime Rojo
The Phun Phactory Reboot in Williamsburg © Steven P. Harrington


Sarah Palin by Billi Kid
Nick Walker with BSA in Brooklyn © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine at “Shred” © Jaime Rojo


Interview with legend Futura © Jaime Rojo
Os Gemeos and Martha Cooper © Jaime Rojo
Skewville at Electric Windows © Jaime Rojo


Specter Spot-Jocks Shepard Fairey © Jaime Rojo
“Bienvenidos” campaign
Faile studio visit © Jaime Rojo


BSA participates and sponsors New York’s first “Nuit Blanche” © Jaime Rojo
JC2 © Jaime Rojo
How, Nosm, R. Robots © Jaime Rojo


Faile “Bedtime Stories” © Jaime Rojo
Judith Supine © Jaime Rojo
Photo © Roswitha Guillemin courtesy Galerie Itinerrance


H. Veng Smith © Jaime Rojo
Sure. Photo courtesy Faust
Kid Zoom © Jaime Rojo


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The Real Miami Heat: HuffPost Art’s Guide To Art Basel Miami Beach (Photos)

Over the past few days BSA has been bringing you the hot spots to experience the happenings in Miami 2010. Our focus has been to showcase the  Street and Urban art satellite art fairs in the Wynwood and Design Districts in downtown Miami. Our friends over at The Huffington Post have their picks and we’d like to share them with you:

brooklyn-street-art-huffington-post-art basel-miami-2010

“As you read this, there is a giant pulsating orb known as Miami Basel alluring a defenseless international audience of art lovers, collectors and artists to encircle its captivating glow. Amazingly, the main fair called “Art Basel | Miami Beach” started only nine years ago as the sister fair to “Art Basel | Switzerland” and has since mushroomed into an extravaganza with over 20 satellite fairs and numerous parties to go along with it”

Click here to continue reading and to see the slide show at The Huffington Post

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Fun Friday 06.18.10 : We Have a Winner!


Contest Winner for “For Your Eyes Only”

You guys are good!  And so many got so close in guessing the full list of “Eyes” last week.

So here are the answers:





The big sticking points for most people were Number 2, which a lot of people guessed was Os Gemeos, and Number 4 which some thought was Neckface or Royce Bannon.

But don’t feel bad if you didn’t get them all – nobody did.  Our winner is Sandrine from Montreal, Quebec, who was the first person to guess 7 out of 8 correctly (she guessed #4 was Neckface).  Congratulations to Sandrine and your original and signed piece from Chris of Robots Will Kill will be in the mail Monday!

Thanks everybody who participated. We’ll have another contest soon!

Where Are You Getting Up This Weekend?



Read about the Mighty Tenaka show here.



Read about the Pandemic show here.



Read about the Crest Hardware show here.


Ya Hearrrd? BSA on HUFF PO


Yo homey, still doing a Snoopy dance on the subway this morning because your favorite Street Art blog was up on yesterday. Arianna Huffington is one of the few straightforward truthtellers in a storm of darkness year after year, and this is like when it is your turn at Double Dutch and Malcolm McLaren  happens to be walking up your block. Okay, big difference is I don’t wear striped red disco shorts and grew up on a farm upstate and never heard of Brownsville or Buffalo Girls till “Duck Rock” came out —but otherwise it’s totally the same yo.

Leave a comment at Huffington Post and tell them how good BSA is at swinging those ropes!

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