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Brazilian Street Artist Mundano has first Solo Show

From SÃO PAULO, here are a few pieces from Mundano’s first solo show, “Cidade Reciclável”(Recycable City)

Mundano said the opening night was perfect, “A lot of people, artists, Japanese food, hot weather, cold beer, caipirinha, 5 big canvasses sold and a lot of projects running at the same time. I wish you and other friends from NYC could have been at the opening last night,  – the same way I want to be in NYC to see personally the exhibition of fresh pieces on the streets.”
Painting on found objects by Mundano.

Painting on found objects by Mundano.

Themes from the show, and often in Mundano’s work, include issues of economic justice, environmental pollution and waste, recycling, bicycling, consumerism, and witty playful  monsters with faces of the ancestors, every watchful and observant.


Mundano likes to use street art as a way of a social revolution. He says his characters are imbued with messages so people can see and think about the problems he addresses.

Some recurring symbols and expressions from Mundano.

Some recurring symbols and expressions from Mundano.

“Cidade Reciclável”(Recycable City)

Grand Opening: March 10th, Wednesday, from 20h to 23h
The show runs till April 10th. The music, food, and entertainment venue is open Wednesday to Saturday
Asia 70
Domingos Andrades st. (corner with Kansas st.)
Call 11 5102 2215
About the Artist:
Mundano’s work can be seen in the favelas, big avenues, as well as art galleries and on his Flickr page:
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