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“Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque” at Factory Fresh

Brooklyn Bailout Burlesque


Jon Burgerman (UK)

Jim Avignon (Germany)

Roman de Milk & Wodka (Switzerland)

Ema (France)

Asuka Ohsawa (Japan)

Daniel Dueck (Brooklyn)

Christine Young

Friday, August 14th 7-10pm
Show runs till August 30th, 2009

The art world, global companies, complex societies and every
small individual all have one problem in common: how to deal with
the crisis. When money goes wrong nothing goes right.
Many in
the high society of art dreamt the dream of instant
success and
big overnight money, but the awakening was rough and
most of
the ambitious collectors had gone with the wind.
So how can one
stay in a market that barely exists in
this time, where money
displays a rather strange behaviour.

Jim Avignon, Brooklyn-Berlin based artist, musician and
bohemian curated a show with 7 young artists
from Brooklyn and
Europe,which might have some answers for
you. They throw their
skills together and create a
panorama, where strange and funny
characters inhabit a
peculiar zone somewhere between realist
cartoons, messageboard-doodling and pure fantasy.
Expect everything from unsentimental portraits, vibrant
playful items
contemporary weirdness with a good old

Between high art and crumbling economy there is a common
ground for inexpensive works, keenly tailored for broad

The show must go on.

Factory Fresh

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