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BSA in Barcelona for Fundacion Contorno Urbano “Mural Salut”

BSA is in Barcelona right now and we are honored to collaborate with Fundacion Contorno Urbano and their project Mural Salut. Working in conjunction with the municipality of Sant Feliu de Llobregat and Kaligrafics, Contorno Urbano put out an international call to all artists to enter a mural contest. With close to 300 applications submitted

12 Finalist Artists Announced for Contorno Urbano Mural in Barcelona

Almost 300 artists and collectives from around the world (42 countries) have entered the 2018 Contorno Urbano competition for this wall/residency/7000€ prize in Barcelona! It is astounding how many high caliber artists are at work today in cities everywhere, bringing innovative new techniques and unique perspectives to public space like never before. After reviewing all

MurOne “Video Games” for Contorno Urbano 12+1 Project in Barcelona

“I don’t have a job and a stable life, but painting and giving life to places that don’t have any is very gratifying,” says the graffiti/Street Artist about his wall completed for in September for the 12 + 1 project in Barcelona. He is not joking when he says he travels a lot to pursue

A Wall a Month : Contorno Urbano Launches “12+1” for 2017

Walls get buffed all the time in many cities as the municipal anti-graffiti campaigns scour the streetscape for unapproved aerosol missives and get out the bucket paint or bring by the power washer. Irene López León. Contorno Urbano “12 x 1” 2017. Barcelona. (photo © Fernando Alcalá Losa) In one Spanish city they are doing

BSA Film Friday 01.26.18

Now screening :
1. Vermibus – In Absentia
2. Balú – Hutsean
3. Pati Baztán for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 in Barcelona
4. Ai Weiwei: Human Flow. Trailer
5. Balloons Festoon the Ballet with Jihan Zencirli

BSA Film Friday: 06.16.17

Now screening :
1. PASSAGE / From Wall to Wall
2. Occupied in Bethlehem – from Fifth Wall TV
3. BYG //12 + 1 // Contorno Urbano // Barcelona
4. 2KM3 Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc Contemporary Art Platform

Ángel Toren & Joan Tarragó in Sant Vicenç des Horts, Spain

A duo of wall painters show us their very different approaches to graphic design, illustration, and sign painting in these two new pieces completed last week in Sant Vicenç des Horts, Spain. Joan Tarragó paints his “Fight Plastic Portal” with his “fusion of graphic language, ancient symbolism and surf influences,” he says. The wrapping line-work

Minuskula & Claudio Drë Explore Infinity and Limits in Spain

Community murals today from two artists last month in Barcelona working with the Contorno Urbano program that brings artists of many disciplines to a series of walls in the public space. Today we have Claudio Drë and Minuskila, who each take different approaches to themes, his abstractly wildstyle, hers simply symbolic, graphic and possibly painful.

Size Matters: Octavi Serra Is In Search Of A Larger Wall in Barcelona.

As illegal Street Art morphed into legal murals we began to witness the entry of formally trained artists and professionals who not only abandoned the politically charged or socially challenging themes in favor of pleasant topics and commercial aesthetics but accidentally launched an arms race for the biggest, tallest, widest walls possible. Soon the descriptions

Montana Elevates With New Platform: Tramontana Magazine / Issue 03

This March we were in Madrid hosting three days of BSA Talks at Urvanity Art Fair and while we were there, Esteban Marin, the director of Contorno Urbano Foundation, introduced us to the Editorial Director of a new magazine; Tramontana. Antonio Garcia Mora, un tio mu majo, as they say in Spain, impressed us with

Allessia Innocenti and Mariadela Araujo and Textile Experiments

The community-based Contorno Urbano continues to provide opportunities to local and visiting artists to access public space for their explorations on walls in a suburb of Barcelona. Not necessarily from the graffiti or Street Art world, they none the less are examining the practice of putting your stuff up to a general audience of passersby.