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Taquen and Sonja Ben for Contorno Urbano Foundation/ 12 +1 Project in Barcelona

Today we visit the newest installations by Spanish artists who are participating in the community mural project that invites many disciplines and approaches to the public sphere, the “12+1 Project” in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, a neighborhood of Barcelona. In its third year, Contorno Urbano occupies a unique position in the public art world that

Laia and “Magic Avenue” in Barcelona for Contorno Urbano

Today we return to community murals for a minute, just to check on the progress of Barcelona based artist Laia. She says she started as a graffiti writer in ’99 at age 14, eventually gaining respect from peers for her serious skillz with tags, pieces, and style on underpasses, trains, walls, and freights. Two decades

Cristina Daura and Rocks in Your Head : Contorno Urbano Foundation

“You must have rocks in your head if you think that you are going out with your friends dressed like that!” says your mom as you add more gel to your hair while pouring over every detail of your magnificence in the mirror. Honestly, your parents are so square. “Rocks in your head” is an

ASU Calligraffiti and Contorno Urbano

“Leave the rationality of your brain and listen to your heart, what you feel, what vibrates,” recommends ASU, the muralist painting the Contorno Urbano wall in Barcelona this month. ASU. Contorno Urbano Foundation. 12 + 1 Project. Barcelona, September 2018. (photo © Alex Miró) Since he was a kid the Franco-Spanish philosopher-artist says he has

Udane Paints Light and Color, A Guy and His Backpack, for Contorno Urbano

Udane Juaristi (Udatxo) A painter. On the street. Capturing the figure with brush in hand, obligating the gaze, summoning the flesh and texture from the public space, making it personal and private. Udane. “Llum y color”. Contorno Urbano Foundation. 12 + 1 Project. l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. May 2018. (photo © Clara Antón) Naturally, it

“Wet Paint” : TayOne for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 says “Acabat de pintar”

Don’t lean against that! You’ll get paint on your shirt! Acabat de pintar. Tayone. “Wet Paint”. Contorno Urbano. Project 12 + 1. Sant Feliu, Barcelona. April 2018. (photo © Alex Miró) In an ironic repositioning of an otherwise purposeful phrase, artist TAYONE creates a large “Wet Paint” sign on the ever changing community mural project

3 Library Rats from XAV for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1

“I was a library rat. Libraries are the mainstays of democracy. The first thing dictators do when taking over a country is close all the libraries, because libraries are full of ideas and differences of opinion, all the things we say we want in a free and open society.” – novelist David Baldacci XAV. “The

Elara Elvira Community Mural for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 in Barcelona

Illustrator, muralist, stop-motion animator, and co-founder of FURRR Studio in Barcelona, Elara Elvira gives us “No title” for her new piece for the community mural program Project 12+1. Elara Elvira “No Title” Fundacion Contorno Urbano/Kaligrafics. 12 + 1 Project. Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain. (photo © Alex Miró Blay) Organic shapes and patterns found

Irene Valiente at Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

VALIENTE CREATIONS launches the 12+1 project in Sant Feliu – Proyect 12+1, urban art in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain A teacher of drawing from Barcelona, Irene Valiente loves organic forms, especially those of an aquatic nature. So it makes sense that she dove right in to her mural for the 2018 premier of

Zurik is “DIVIDED” at Contorno Urbano 12 + 1

Graffiti writer/mural painter/graphic designer ZURIK is divided not just by her artist description but by her nationalities. Leaving Bogotá and moving to Barcelona is a big split as well and she’s still adjusting to the cultural differences between Spain and Colombia. No wonder her new portrait is sliced in two! She calls it “Divided”. Zurik.

The 2018 Roster for Contorno Urbano 12 + 1 at L’ Hospitalet De Llobregat

The tenacious and hard working Esteban Marin and the whole team at Contorno Urbano in Barcelona have announced their line up for the third edition of their project 12 + 1. With artists drawn from a variety of public practices like graffiti (Zurik), abstract (Joan Cabrer), design (Etnik), realism (Lily Brik), and representative (Sepe), the