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Gola Hundun Escapes to Ivy-Covered Nature in Japan

Animals use natural space without transforming it but they seek the space to meet their needs. A cave will provide shelter for a bear. The bear will not paint it, wire it for electricity or install air-conditioning. Safely (somewhat) in Japan right now, the Italian land artist Gola Hundun is studying space again for his

Guided Flight with Gola Hundun: “Torre di Volo” Land Art in Sardinia

When the plants and animals take over again there will still be remnants of you, as they transform your achievements and failures organically en route to natural balance. The evidence of this eventuality lies not only in our predilection for self-destruction but on the current existence of the 7,000 tower-fortress structures that still dot this

Gola Hundun Activates on the Precipice of Man and Nature

“Abitare” (To Live In) Italian Street Artist and urban interventionist Gola Hundun is often thinking about the idea of coexistence and cohabitation between humans and the rest of the natural world. He often looks for that delineation on which to create new art. Naturally it is performed with a flourish of theatricality. Gola Hundun. “Abitare”.