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MORIK Starts the 2014 Urban Forms Festival in Łódź, Poland

Urban Forms in Łódź, Poland marks year 5 and their 31st wall for the city with Russia’s Morik and iterative laying that mimics the digital art made by plan and happenstance during the day of a designer. A Street Artist with roots in graffiti, Morik hails from Siberia and has an illustration style encompassing this

3TTMAN Completes the 30th Mural for Urban Forms In Lodz

3TTman has just completed the 30th mural for the Urban Forms project in Lodz, Poland. An eye-popping storyteller who often uses his works to tell allegories of a sociological, political, environmental nature, 3TTman hasn’t told us the full story here, but we see images of power, currency, natural resources, and a head on a plate.

TONE Animates a Wall for Urban Forms in LODZ

Painter, muralist, illustrator and animator TONE (Robert Proch) has just completed the 27th mural for the Urban Forms festival in Lodz and has brought a touch of surreality and movement that hints at other art forms now occupying minds in the contemporary art world. Whether video, animation or projection mapping, our imaginations are taking flight

Urban Forms 2013: ROA Goes First in Poland

In Poland the Urban Forms festival is underway with its new installations of large format mural works in Lodz this month, beginning with the Belgian ROA. The urban naturalist continues to explore the animal kingdom, but usually not the cute ones you find in cartoons or on inspirational posters in your kid sisters bedroom with

Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland Ready To Go

ROA Inaugurates, INTI to Hit 11-Story Wall Today we have a little reminder of the upcoming third edition of the Galeria Urban Forms Festival in Lodz, Poland, which will be really take off in the beginning of September. Already new work has begun from Etam Crew from Lodz with a mural on Politechniki Avenue inspired

Magda C Says “Children and Fish Should be Heard” in Poland

“Children and Fish Should be Heard” Are we conscious enough to hear them? No spray paint was used here by artist Magda C in this new mural for the day of the International Climate Strike, though the paint does illuminate in the daytime and shine at night, she tells us. Painted in conjunction with the

BSA Film Friday: 11.09.18

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. GAIA “Still Here” 2. Jorge Rodriguez Gerarda at DEN Culture Space in Barcelona 3. INO – BOMBER in Łódź 4. TrumpRat by Jeffrey Beebe courtesy of BravinLee Offsite. BSA Special Feature: GAIA “Still Here” “The ability to

12 Finalist Artists Announced for Contorno Urbano Mural in Barcelona

Almost 300 artists and collectives from around the world (42 countries) have entered the 2018 Contorno Urbano competition for this wall/residency/7000€ prize in Barcelona! It is astounding how many high caliber artists are at work today in cities everywhere, bringing innovative new techniques and unique perspectives to public space like never before. After reviewing all

Opiemme Paints a “Black Hole Sun” with Lyrics for Chris Cornell

A tribute to singer Chris Cornell today from Street Artists and calligramist Opiemme. Opiemme. “Black Hole Sun” Urban Forms Foundation. Lodz, Poland. June 2017. (photo © PAWEŁ TRZEŹWIŃSKI) Entitled “Black Hole Sun”, the lyrics of the Soundgarden song were stuck in the mind of the artist since Cornell passed in May. The monochrome layout of

BSA Film Friday: 11.18.16

  Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Labrona Unveiled 2.  Opiemme: Lodz Of Eggs 3. Resoborg “Love Imvelo” in South Africa 4. Brad Eastman AKA Beastman in Sydney   BSA Special Feature: Labrona Unveiled Not exactly overlooked but perhaps under-sung, the work

A Tidal Wave of Lodz Reborn: “Lodz Murals” Distinguishes Polish City

New work from DalEast, Borondo, Alexis Diaz “My aim is to create a permanent exhibition of great art in the public space of Lodz,” says Michał Bieżyński, founder of Lodz Murals in the Polish city of the same name. It is highly likely he will after six years curating Galeria Urban Forms, for which BSA

BSA Film Friday: 01.02.15

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. Urban Forms 2014 in Łódź, Poland 2. Memorie Urbane 2014 3. Alice Pasquini: New Journey 4. Detroit with Sheryo, Yok, Daek, Fecks 5. Chris Dyer in Denver and Boulder, Colorado BSA Special Feature: Urban Forms 2014