Elfo Paints 21st Century Masterpiece in Italy

Saturdays and Elfo; they appear to go well together on BSA. A master of broad overstatement or obscurely uttered truths without further qualification, their work can summon the instinct to laugh – bursting from your chest before quite considering why.

Is it the unartful roller painting, the wandering scale of the message that could have said something moving, meaningful, sublime, profound? A missed opportunity or a spot-on and concise summation? Or are you projecting your own needs as an artist onto the work of someone else?

Elfo. 21st Century Masterpiece!!!!!. Somewhere in Italy. (photo © Elfo)

Here we have the crumbling architecture of a particular period drifting downward back into the earth where it was summoned from. En route to its final demise, Elfo gives it a swift kick in the ribs, perhaps mocking it for its earlier airs of greatness or condemning our casual disposal of buildings (and everything else). Dust to dust.

Of this “new piece in the midst of nowhere,” Elfo says,
“It’ s……
ironic / auto ironic
Iconic / anti iconic
Dramatic / funny.”

Elfo. 21st Century Masterpiece!!!!!. Somewhere in Italy. (photo © Elfo)