Dispatch From Isolation # 22 / Cartoons of Covid-19

Let’s be clear. Trump did not create Covid-19, no one says he did. But he did deride, diminish, mock, dismiss and scoff at people who are far more knowledgeable than him for weeks. While people were contracting the virus.

This delayed response was accompanied by grandiosity and bad decisions for weeks after, accusing other elected officials of being dumb, misinformed, even deceitful. Now people are starting to run out of food, are out of jobs in record numbers, are dying at home because they hear that the hospitals are overrun (or are poor or illegal), are being buried in mass graves. Now the US is setting worldwide records of sick and dying – leaving every single state in the union declaring a state of emergency for the first time in history.

We need some cartoons to cheer us, and to put a finer, if more exaggerated point on our problems. Thanks to the artists who do this so well.

Marc Murohi for USA Today Network
Dave Granlund for USA Today Network
DARKOW for Columbia Missourian Cagle Cartoons
Jones / CNN
Dave Granlund for USA Today Network
Don Langrend for USA Today Network
Mike Thompson for USA Today Network
SACK for Star Tribune
Andy Marlette for USA Today Network
Don Langrend for USA Today Network