Happy New Year 2018 from your Friends at BSA!

Happy New Year from your friends at BSA!

Here’s an image of the show preparations for last night’s NYE concert in the plaza of Lisbon, the Praça do Comércio, where a young couple sat oblivious to the sound, light, and screen rehearsal booming around them this week – focused only on one another. We thought it was a great way to start 2018 with the hopes of youth in love – and love in general for all of us, no?

In the year just passed we were so very lucky to meet some of the most talented, erudite, free-thinking, politically savvy, emotionally unhinged, malajusted, and brilliant artists, organizers, curators, academics, social scientists, fans, photographers, videographers, directors, writers, debaters and street-wise people around the global Street Art scene. Respect!

Thanks to all of the artists and organizers who showed us around their cities in person in ’17 in Mexico, Hong Kong, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, French Polynesia, and Lisbon. As a special call-out we would like to thank the 150 artists inside and 40 artists outside who worked with us and our full UN team to created the opening inaugural show at Urban Nation (UN) and the Martha Cooper Library in Berlin.

Our thanks also for the support and advice from those who have the expertise and really have our backs. Without the open and welcoming members of this global Street Art-Graffiti-Urban Art-Contemporary Art community who lead us in the right direction we cannot possibly share as much as we do with BSA readers. Also, we are thankful for the obstacles and difficult times – they have made us stronger and more appreciative.

As BSA celebrates our 10th year in 2018, we invite you to come with us!

Finally, to recap the names of our annual BSA holiday tradition, we would like to thank the artists who dared to have Wishes and Hopes for 2018;

Esteban Marin

Felipe Pantone

Miss Van



Fintan Magee

Pixel Pancho



Various & Gould

1Up Crew

Case Maclaim


The Yok & Sheryo