BSA Film Friday 09.15.17 – UN “UNSTOPPABLE” Edition


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. This week we feature a few small videos Jaime Rojo made of action around the Urban Nation (UN) museum opening this week. Each gives a distinct sense of the atmosphere in the neighborhood of Schöneberg. Now multiply the intensity and activity by 10 and you’ll get a fairer assessment. As curators for this opening exhibition and all of the related outside and public installations, BSA is proud of the amazing quality of the works and the professionalism and dedication of this coalescing series of teams, including city agencies who are pulling this off with efficiency and a bit of style as well.

Now screening :
1. Vhils Sculpture Arrives at UN
2. HOWNOSM hits Entire Berlin Train Station
3. The “UNSTOPPABLE” Press Conference

Vhils Sculpture Arrives at UN

A magnificent addition to our show at Urban Nation Museum For Urban Contemporary Art (UN), the arrival of a free standing sculpture by Lisbon Street Artist VHILS, placed in the back garden and visible into the museum, where another piece by VHILS takes an entire wall.

 HOWNOSM hit Entire Berlin Train Station

German-now-Brooklyn brothers HowNosm became the largest installation for the Urban Nation Museum For Urban Contemporary Art (UN) inaugural show “UNSTOPPABLE” by taking over the entire Nollendorf Metro Station in Berlin Metro as part of the Art Mile. No doubt, it feels like you are walking inside a painting. Occasionally you also see a metro car completely wrapped in HowNosm monikers, symbols, icons, and signature elements that stay in the same range of reds, pinks, purple, black, and white.


The “UNSTOPPABLE” Press Conference

A few brief highlights from UN Press Conference announcing the opening of Urban Nation.
UN Director Yasha Young announces the opening in two days of the new Urban Nation Museum of Urban Contemporary Art.