BSA Film Friday: 05.19.17


Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities.

Now screening :
1. Faith XLVII “Aqua Regalia” Hong Kong
2. Icy & Sot find “No Privacy” in Saint Petersburg’s Street Art Museum
3. Urban Nation in Preparation for “We Broke Night!” by Jaime Rojo


BSA Special Feature: Faith XLVII “Aqua Regalia” Hong Kong

“Distant universes delicately tangled,” says the near-whispering narration as you are gazing upon scenes from Hong Kong – those interstitial moments that carry you between the more remarkable ones. Faith XLVII gives us a quiet look at these inside a the dencse cacophony called “Aqua Regalia”, looking at the parts of a culture that a visitor is sensitive to because they are not taken for granted. With this ability to see, one takes a quick course of a city, a society. Invariably you end up with more questions.

“We speak of death and birth in terms of celebration and mourning.” Faith XLVII is in search of more universal truths, the timeless ones, since understand them so poorly. Herein are glimpses, romantic and unvarnished.

The graffiti and Street Art cultures have had a couch-sharing sense of community almost since they began so there has always been this city-hopping practice that introduces one quickly to the margins – those ragged and unruly places many artists gravitate to as a rosetta stone worthy of deciphering. Today as mural painters, many are invited to fly to the other side of the world and rely upon their own strategies for examination, analyzing, falling in love with, another city.

“This is one of the first videos I’ve co-directed, alongside filmmaker Dane Dodds,” Faith tells us. “Its a project that is close to my heart.”


Icy & Sot find “No Privacy” in Saint Petersburg’s Street Art Museum

Icy & Sot share this short video with us this week of their recent installation at the Saint Petersburg Street Art Museum where they contemplate publicly about the lack of privacy thanks to our willingness (and obliviousness) to being tracked and followed by strangers via our smart phones.

“The bathtub and shower are everyone’s private place,” they tell us. “In this installation, even though we build a wall around it there is still no privacy because there is smart phone paying music nearby, enabling some entity to always watch or listen to you.”

Urban Nation in Preparation for “We Broke Night!” by Jaime Rojo

To accompany our posting from yesterday while we are here in Berlin, Jaime captured the action of many artists as they painted a temporary exhibition within the under-construction Urban Nation museum for tonight’s dinner/performance/pre-opening of the space called “We Broke Night!”