“Dithyrambalina” Swoon’s New Musical House in New Orleans

Brooklyn based Street Artist and fine artist Swoon continues her indefatigable exploration of public and private space, sculpture, and culture in her journey on this earth – now she’s in New Orleans with a new project along with a number of local artists and musicians – and you can be a part of it too.


Swoon with her team enjoying a good laugh in New Orleans (photo © courtesy Swoon)

“I have a project underway in New Orleans which is the creation of a musical house — a kind of larger than life music box which will also be a house, an art center, and a celebration of New Orleans — it’s rebuilding, and it’s musical culture. I’m totally excited about it.

brooklyn-street-art-swoon-Dithyrambalina-night-new-orleans-1 Swoon “Dithyrambalina” ; a working model for the “house” (photo © courtesy Swoon)

To see her vision come to completion she has teamed with The New Orleans Airlift, a multi-disciplinary arts organization that produces and facilitates innovative artistic opportunities for New Orleans-based artists locally and around the globe. The end result will be an interactive sculpture or a “house” that will also function as a musical instrument.

According to Delaney Martin, the director of New Orleans Airlift, Swoon’s latest project Dithyrambalina is a collaboration with a growing group of local and national sound artists and musicians. The project; a three-story, forty-two foot high house to be built in New Orleans will function as a permanent, interactive  sound sculpture.  Swoon is calling it “musical architecture”.


Swoon on the streets of New Orleans (photo © courtesy Swoon)

You can be a part of the project if you like by checking out Swoon’s Kickstarter page and giving a couple of bucks. BSA supports this innovative project and encourages you to consider it too.

Click on the link below to continue reading for complete information on this project  and to see more images of Swoon on the streets of New Orleans:


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