Göla in Sao Paulo : Riotous Color and a Free Imagination

Italian Street Artist Göla is in Sao Paulo for his show with Brazilian Paulo Auma called “Hibrido”, or Hybrid. A wild man who channels his emotions into walls and sculptures composed of a kaleidoscope of intense colors and shapes, Göla studies the human condition, the natural world, genetic modification, biodiversity and the spiritual universe, free associating his way from there with saturated color, biomorphic shapes, and vibrating pattern. Together with Auma, he has begun a series of installations outside the gallery for a show that blends blend anger with joy, natural with man made, in a integrated collection of public works.

Here is a sample of some of his new work. More to come.


Göla in Sau Paulo (image © Göla)


Göla poses inside his piece. (image ©Fernando Cesar)


With work that easily lends itself to the imagination of childhood, here is a new colorful public installation by Göla in a park. (image ©Fernando Cesar)


Göla collaborated with Ninguem Dorme for this street collaboration in Sau Paulo (image © Göla)