Logan Hicks Sneak Peeks from His “Opera” Show Next Week

Stencil Artist Logan Hicks finishes prep for his new solo show at Opera Gallery.

His new multi-layer stencilled canvasses are a healthy 3 feet by 4 feet in size, and feature some of the cleanest lines he has created – sometimes giving them a liquid effect, like big reflecting pools in a monochromatic subterranean tableau.

In these two pieces from the show, Logan continues his romance with underground tunnels and structural symmetry – but this time with more gleam and finesse than ever.

sfdg Logan Hicks
Looking down a long slick subway train car (Logan Hicks, 48″ x 36″)

Brooklyn Street Art asked him how the show is going:

Logan Hicks: I feel great about the show. This is the first large gallery show that I have done since 2008 and I feel like I have really evolved since then. I will have 12 new pieces for the show and it marks a new style for me. The pieces are a bit more refined, edges are cleaner – which I think works for ‘reading’ the piece.

They are larger pieces too, which really works for feeling like you can walk into the piece.  My work has always had this contemplative, reflective kind of feel and the larger the work, the more that feeling comes through.

Gold and shiny like the corridor of a bullet train (Logan Hicks)
Gold and shiny like the corridor of a bullet train (Logan Hicks, 48″ x 36″)

For more information about the show

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


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