June 2008

Gallerie Pulaski de Celso et Infinity

Danny Licul, infinity, & Tefsukaz . Photo by Celso.

Danny Licul, infinity, & Tefsukaz . Photo by Celso.

POST NO BILLS @Gallerie Pulaski

curated by Celso & Infinity

Just north of the People’s Republic of Brooklyn, across the Pulaski Bridge, lies a nice patch of pavement called Long Island City, Queens.  Art fans always make sure to hit the Sculpture Center, PS1, and 5 Pointz – which is famous to taggers and street artists alike; a protected haven and prized pantheon of the creative spirit.  If you were to throw a molotov cocktail from 5 Pointz and  PS1 had the wind at your back you might smash into a marriage of both right now: an outside street gallery show called POST NO BILLS, featuring the work of about 25 intrepid explorers installed thoughtfully on a block long stretch of construction site walls.

Inga Huld Tryggvadottir. Photo by Celso.

Inga Huld Tryggvadottir. Photo by Celso.

Royce Bannon. Photo by Celso.

Royce Bannon. Photo by Celso.

Abe Lincoln Jr.(with Infinity). Photo by Celso.

Abe Lincoln Jr.(with Infinity). Photo by Celso.

One of the curators of this show, Celso, put down his hammer and nails for a minute to talk about his latest project, as well as his own recent solo and collaborative work:

BrooklynStreetArt: So you and your co-curator Infinity have put together a sizeable outdoor show called POST NO BILLS. Even with two people, it looks like it was a lot of work.

Celso: It wasn’t too bad. infinity and I have been working together for some time, so we can get things done quickly and easily. We both tend to be in agreement on what works and what doesn’t and that makes things easier. Plus, we both love the color orange.

BSA: How long have you two been working together?

Celso: It’s been three to four years, mostly through Endless Love Crew shenanigans, but in the last year or so, the two of us have done a lot of collaborative pieces (paintings, smaller murals, etc.), and now we’re also working together at a more massive level. infinity has lots of evil plans brewing…

Bushwick Brooklyn Mural with Celso, Infinity, and Deeker collaboration. Photo by Celso.

Bushwick Brooklyn Mural with Celso, Infinity, and Deeker collaboration. Photo by Celso.

BSA: Is Infinity trustworthy and reliable?

Celso: Not with money or women.

BSA: What was the main challenge getting the stuff up?

Celso: Some of the Post No Bills artists had never put work on the street before like James Willis and Inga Huld Tryggvadottir. James is an established gallery artist and he works in charcoal. This means that his works are incredibly easy to smudge. Now, add wheatpaste to the mix and it can get pretty ugly.

Likewise, Inga is an incredible cutter. She makes these fantastic works that are made out of layers upon layers of paper. This may work in a gallery, but on the street, it was a challenge to secure it to a wall. We used a ton of wood glue as well as a few screws to keep everything up. Despite the challenges of installation, the pieces really rock on the street.

BSA: So, really, it is a gallery.  Damn, I missed the opening!  Were there white wine and cheese cubes?
Celso: This Friday June 27th is the opening. We’ll have a cooler and a cheese tray. Maybe some showgirls too.

BSA: How did you hook up that space? I notice you have ceilings to conveniently shield your gallery visitors from the sun and rain.
Celso: I got the space through chashama, an arts organization based here in the city. They’re a non-profit that provides artists with subsidized studio and gallery spaces. They hooked me up with this spot. And yeah, what attracted me to it was the second level roof. It allowed us to put up two floors worth of art which are open 24/7. Next time we’ll try and add a penthouse….

BSA: Whose idea was it to take the gallery approach to the street?
Celso: This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time. I’ve curated a number of shows in galleries and I’ve worked on the street. And this seemed like a logical extension of both: an art exhibit on the street. When I saw the spot, I knew it would work. Plus, you can’t beat the traffic. It’s right next to the Pulaski Bridge and the Midtown tunnel.

BSA: In a way, the huge mural you did recently (very close to this one) was an outdoor gallery too.  But this one seems more formalized, with a gallery/museum presentation.
Celso: Yeah, I would say that “Standing at the Crossroads” (which we did with Deeker and Royce Bannon) is a more traditional mural. It’s so bright and over the top that it needed an unobstructed wall to work.

“Standing at the Crossroads” Mural with Infinity, Royce Bannon, Deeker. Photo by Luna Park.

“Standing at the Crossroads” Mural with Infinity, Royce Bannon, Deeker. Photo by Luna Park.

Celso: When I first saw the site where the Galerie Pulaski is installed, it looked pretty crappy. The construction walls were battered and painted blue and the area was surrounded in scaffolding. I knew that if we painted it gallery-white, the art would really pop. Now, people who’ve never set foot in a gallery or museum are forced to do it as they run out to catch a bus or train. Force feeding art every once in a while is a good thing.

BSA: Have you seen the gallery that was posted on a worksite in Williamsburg on S.5th and Berry this spring?  Think that one was sponsored by an energy drink.
Celso: No, I missed it.

BSA: While you have a lot of singular pieces all over the city, I notice that a lot of your work has been collaborative – Endless Love Crew is built on that model.  What appeals to you about collaborative shows?
Celso: It’s fun to work as a crew. There’s the partying and jams, but I also feel as if you learn a lot just hanging out with other artists. It’s art school without the blowhards and can be really energizing. _
But I do like to do a mix of solo and group stuff. I’ve worked on a lot of ELC stuff, but I’ve also done my own projects. I’ve worked a lot independently here in New York, doing posters, firebox shrines and the painted Plexiglas pieces, and I did a series of painted political signs in L.A. and in upstate New York. __The reason my independent work may not always be easy to find is because each piece I lay out on the street is an original. No Kinko’s bulls**t. Nothing is mass. Every piece is a hand-drawn and hand-painted. It’s a lot more work, but it keeps things more interesting. Plus, there’s something to be said for keeping pieces special.

SHRINES by Celso

“Our Lady of Monsey Trails”, by Celso. Photo by Celso.

“Our Lady of Monsey Trails”, by Celso. Photo by Celso.

Detail of “Nuestra Señora de Arte Calle, Patrona de los Grafiteros”, by Celso. Photo by Celso.

Detail of “Nuestra Señora de Arte Calle, Patrona de los Grafiteros”, by Celso. Photo by Celso.

PLEXI by Celso

Supah-stah plexiglas installation. Photo by C-Monster

Supah-stah plexiglas installation. Photo by C-Monster

Celso Plexi overlay of Frank Gehry in LA. Photo by C-Monster

Celso Plexi overlay of Frank Gehry in LA. Photo by C-Monster

BSA: There are a huge number of construction sites in Brooklyn right now.  Do you think you’ll do another gallery show soon?
Celso: Yeah, I’m already working on another one but the location is secret for now 😉


curated by Celso & Infinity

with Abe Lincoln Jr., Celso, Ceito, Creeper, Darkcloud, DAVe, Elbow-Toe, Endless Love Crew, F.Trainer, Gaia, Gore-B, Jenny Holzer, infinity, Danny Licul, Evelyn Metzger, Milquetoast, Momo, Dean Radinovsky, Abigail Rothberg, Royce Bannon, Tefsukaz, Inga Huld Tryggvadottir, James Willis and friends

Gallerie Pulaski
48-15 11th St. @ Jackson Avenue

By Subway
Take the G to 21st Street Station
Take the 7 to Vernon Blvd – Jackson Ave Station

Celso’s work can be seen Here
Endless Love Crew too

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Mr. Brainwash, Life Is Beautiful

Three's Company!  (MBW)

Three's Company! Image from MBW's big new show.


If you can wait in line that is.  Filmmaker/street artist MBW must have broken some kind of records Wednesday for the opening of his new Swindled show at the former CBS Studios in Hollywood.  The fans lined up all along Sunset Boulevard to see all the pop culture mangling and icon mashing they could set their eyes on, from multiples of those fabulous Elvis with Shotgun screenprints, to a giant Warholic can of tomato spray soup,

For Fly Stencils that are mmm mmm Good.     (MBW)

For Fly Stencils that are mmm mmm Good. (MBW)

to a mountain of discarded 50,000 books and shoes (I counted).  “Prolific” would be too stingy an adjective.

Banksy says he’s a “force of nature” (like a trailer park tornado ?), Shepard Fairey wants to hug him or smack him (but still DJ’d the opening); You know, chewing through popular culture isn’t new for street art, but MBW has a gargantuan appetite!  – and apparently a following to match.


June 18 through Sunday June 22.

6121 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA


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Armsrock the Explorer

Humanity trudging through the debris (Armsrock)       (photo Jaime Rojo)

Humanity trudging through the debris (Armsrock) (photo Jaime Rojo)

No words describe the wanderlust of Armsrock, who is continually en route these days back and forth across the pond.  In search of the secrets to the human condition and social geopolitical causation, his drawings depict the everyman and everywoman on the street; venturing into complex feelings of isolation, fear, hope, community.  As his insight grows, he eagerly shares it with the viewer; always treating the subjects, the people, with dignity.

After seeing them in person, we’re excited to see where he’s going to go with his 3-D diarama boxes – clearly they are studies for bigger things…. large scale installations? interactive virtual tours?  Set design?  Wherever Armsrock goes exploring, we hope to be there.

This spring Armsrock’s been creating and showing in San Francisco’s Fifty 24SF Gallery with D*Face ; at the moment right here in Brooklyn as part of Ad Hoc’s Poets of Paste show, and concurrently he’s paired with Chris Stain and Poncho at BlackRat Gallery in London.

Here’s an insightful look at Armsrock courtesy Daniel Lahoda and JetSetGrafitti.com

Armsrock Interview

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Poets of Paste at Ad Hoc

ELBOW-TOE, Armsrock, Gaia & Imminent Disaster

June 13th – July 13th, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday, June 13th, 7-10pm

Poets of the Paste unites four figurative artists known for their striking images that comment on nature, contemporary society and the everyday lives we live. These artists transform public spaces to moments of private reflection with an emphasis on careful craftsmanship. ELBOW-TOE, Armsrock, Gaia, and Imminent Disaster have left their marks on the urban landscapes, generously giving their talent to the public, to time and to the elements. Now they bring their skills together at Ad Hoc Art; through drawings, stencils, paintings and block prints incorporated onto various media.

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Poets of Paste go LARGE at Ad Hoc

Poets of the Paste

OPENING Friday June 13,
7 – 10 pm

featuring ELBOW-TOE, Armsrock, Gaia, and Imminent Disaster

Four stars of beautifully heart-rendered paste-ups on the bricks and boards all around us, Ad Hoc astoundingly unites these commentators; helping us read the tea leaves.  Hats off to the good peeps who chose to engender such love for the human condition and the fantastical world.

images courtesy of Ad Hoc

Each of these poets of paste could easily fill a gallery with their imagination and skill; So much stronger is the chord they collectively strum.

Gallery director Andrew Michael Ford has curated an incredibly strong group of drawings, stencils, paintings and block prints.

Ad Hoc Art
49 Bogart Street Unit 1G, Buzzer 22
Brooklyn, New York 11206

Telephone:     718-366-2466

Website for Ad Hoc

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Irony is the BAST Policy

Nose Candy

with BAST

Brooklynite Gallery
334 Malcolm X Boulevard

Opening Night
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
7 – 10PM

Behold Brookynite! Yonder grows a New gallery in Bed Stuy and that is thy name; the Great Eastern Expansion emanates further out from the crusty rock of gothamite.  Brooklynite is a natural outgrowth of that thing that the Brooklyn art scene is famous for; community.

Brooklyn born and bred, Bast returns to blaze the trail a little further;  A continuous contributor to the Brooklyn street art scene for more than a decade, Bast is punk collage perfection – putrid pop and sexified grit; pure revolution de papel.

This time BAST has been sniffing around the pretty glitter and he blasts forward with certain and jarring new works that bring a rush to the senses, and base titillation to the loins. In addition, he features 4 plaster busts of disgusting creatures mounted like trophies with mad bling and even rhinestone studded grills.  The  pig, the alien – basically all of them are disconcerting in their resemblance to people I’ve known or been related to.

Brooklynite Gallery 347.405.5976

The show runs June 10 – July 12, 2008

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Factory Fresh & Skewville at BOS Fri/Sat Only

1053 Flushing Avenue
June 6 – June 7, 2008
Opening: Friday, June 6, 6 – 9PM

Transforming this former BKLN bodega into a brand new gallery in Bushwick will be Skewville; the inimitable dogs will be throwing a party instead of wooden sneakers this weekend as part of the 2nd Bushwick Open Studios.  

Finally in Brooklyn where they belong, Skewville christens the spanking new gallery Factory Fresh – and Ali says the gallery calendar is already brimming with new shows coming soon.

Come Friday to welcome Factory Fresh and Mind the Power Lines!


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