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The Weeknd: Fer Alcala in Cardedeu, Granollers and Baladona, Catalunya, Spain.

Today we take a random walk around some of the most interesting street art in the metropolitan area of Barcelona with photographer and fervent observer of the scene, Fer Alcala, who shares with BSA readers about his own participation in the scene as a documentarian and vibrant part of the street ecosystem. An insatiable chaser […]

HONG KONG Re-cap, HKwalls 2017 Makes New Paths for Urban Art

Go East Young Woman! That’s where you’ll discover dynamic graffiti and Street Art and murals these days thanks in part to last weeks’ HKwalls festival, now in it’s fourth year. You’ll definitely see more women involved in this outdoor exhibition than most festivals that we’ve become familiar with, not that the organizers are making a […]

Velvet and Zoer Bring Tokyo Amusement to Lodz

A sepia toned carrousel illusion is painted with acrylic with a band of Tokyo signage intruding across the top. If you happen to divine meaning from or read something into this new composition on a wall for Lodz Murals, you may be reacting to the CSX crew’s experience and love for  graffiti, design, and urbanism. […]

Recap of Galore Urban Art Festival in Copenhagen

This summer festivals around the globe like Galore in Copenhagen have given many a Street Artist and graffiti artist a new shot at an audience in the last decade or so. While the old skool graff heads and Street Artists may deride these affairs as illegitimate bastards of a legitimately illegit scene, more artists seem […]

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