Brooklyn Street Art

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Feel Free at Urban Spree: Berlin

Long live Urban Spree! This hippie/punk/skater/poets/artists haven of graffiti, street, urban and postmodern all splayed across a complex of buildings that are seemingly abandoned but teaming with life, food, music, and free thought. Also, a sense of community. Bordalo II, Two One and 1UP Crew at Urban Spree Berlin. (photo © Jaime Rojo) There are […]

BSA Film Friday: 07.26.13

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening: Bomb It 2 by Jon Reiss launches and Sampo Graffiti: Ignoto from Brazil.  BSA Special Feature: Bomb It 2 by director Jon Reiss About to debut in August and through the fall, the sequel to the global graffiti […]

Conor Harrington in Tel Aviv with Know Hope and Zero Cents

From Conor’s Blog “I spent a week in the Middle East, painting in both Israel and Palestine. I brought my boy Andy with me to film it all so we’ll have a short lil film coming out at some stage. It was one of those trips where you’ve no idea whats ahead. You can only […]

Visual Slang 2009: The Modern Urban Imagination at Abrons Arts Center

The third in a series of cutting-edge global urban art exhibits, VISUAL SLANG 2009 features an eclectic range of characters and creatures representing a broad spectrum of cultural heritages. Featured artists include: A1one, Ame72, Bastardilla, Bishop, C215, Cekis, Charm, Cern, Chris Cortes, Klone, Mefisto, Kenji Nakayama, Sien, Stinkfish, Whisper and Zero Cents.