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Images of the Week 07.25.10

Images of the Week 07.25.10, Brooklyn Street Art
Our weekly interview with the street; this week featuring Andy Kessler Foundation, ASVP, Bishop203, Brummel, Clown Soldier, Imminent Disaster, JC2, JJ Veronis, Mr. DiMaggio, QRST, Shin Shin, Special Graffiti Unit, Zako, Zhe155
This summer has the floodgates open for all manner of oddities and agendas evident on the walls in NYC. While there is beauty and skill of varying degrees, more often you’ll also encounter themes better categorized as anxiety-ridden. Don’t look to our street artists to shield us from the rawness lurking under the cosmipolish of a world city. The conversations on the street continue to contemplate war and violence, render social and political critique, create memorials, offer blunt opinion and propose existential questions. Conversations among street artists also continue before our eyes, making for progressive theater and on-the-fly “collaboration”.
We start off with something more along the lines of graff, framed by July’s succulent green.

Images of The Week 06.27.10 at BSA

Our weekly interview with the street: this week featuring street art by Bast, Billi Kid, Bishop203,Brummel, El Sol 25, Faile, Grimus, Girl With Bikini, Homosapien Erectus, Kosbe, Mike Graves, Monkey, Over Under, WDZ, and ZHE155