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The Painted Desert, Part II

The sheltering sky is huge in Navajo country, and city slicker Street Artists have room to expand their minds and their imaginations when they get out to see the landscape dotted by occasional man-made structures. Jetsonorama and Yote invited a handful of them to come out and meet some local artists and the folks who […]

Images of the Week 06.17.12

Welling Court, in Queens, NYC is a city block where three-family homes intermingle with small family owned business — a nice old-fashioned model with today’s 1st and 2nd generation immigrants taking a crack at an American dream. The art-minded Buxtons, Allison and Garrison, never seem to tire of providing a safe, roomy space to artists to […]

Jetsonorama & Yote Start “The Painted Desert Project” In The Navajo

We’re beginning to see an ever growing mural/wheat-paste/stencil circuit, a clan-like constellation of firing synapses across the globe, the informally formal collecting together of Street Artists in one town or area to smash some walls and exchange tips, learn new skills, make connections. Sometimes there’s a budget, sometimes there’s just beer. But it’s cool to […]

Jeice2 Brings 2 Wild Wolves in Gerena, Spain

Jeice 2 checks in the with the animal kingdom as he starts a new series he’ll call “Savage Planet”.  The street artist has experimented with a variety of styles on the street over the last year including a bright abstract lined candy corner in Seville and most recently a portrait of William Burroughs. Jeice 2 […]

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