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Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural

Tavar Zawacki Unveils in Sacramento with First Mural

ROA in Mexico, Gambia, and Cambodia

Globetrotting the Man-Made World, Listening to the Natural One It’s sort of unprecedented to see how far ROA has gone this year, and how much work he has done. When people say that well-worn phrase “catching up with _____”, in his case you’d be out of breath. Here is a Street Artist who has very […]

Wide Open Walls: Logan Hicks Post Game Gambia

Hard to imagine that Logan could have had more fun than this – beautiful weather, beautiful people, and many opportunities to paint. The WOW fest in The Gambia officially ends tomorrow, but the art that 7 Street Artist left, and the new friendships they have made, will last much longer. Luckily for us, Logan is also a beautiful photographer and he shares some exclusives here with the BSA family.

Wide Open Walls Ends: The Stories Begin

Wide Open Walls officially ends today, and the artists are on their way home. “All the UK artists fly back tomorrow, we all expect a heroes welcome, keys to the country and an open top bus parade,” Says Eelus on his Twitter account.
It has been a trip they won’t forget, and we are hearing bits and pieces about the experience as they return. – Large Insects, lots of DEET, optimistic kids, crushing heat, and enthusiastic fans watching you while you paint; all of these things reoccur in the retelling of the stories. Eelus hurt his heel just at the end of the journey and is looking forward to resting up and sorting through pictures. Logan Hicks is back in Brooklyn and will be showing us some of his pics, along with a video he’s working on.

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