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Andreco Charts Sea Level Rise Predictions Along Venice Canal

“Man is nature becoming conscious of itself ”    ~Elisée Reclus Focusing his public art and Street Art work on raising our consciousness about the Earth and drawing the connections between us and our environment has been Andreco’s focus for most of this century. Like the 15,000 strong Union of Concerned Scientists who just released a […]

Eating Plastic with Louis Masai, Whales, Sharks in Cape Cod and L.A.

These Animals Are Eating All the Plastic You are Throwing Away. Yuck. London Street Artist Louis Masai has just returned to the US to do three murals – one in alliance with the Right Whale Research Association (R.W.R.A) in Cape Cod Massachusetts, and two in Los Angeles where he is currently having a solo show […]

Fun Friday 09.21.12

Yo Yo what’s up all the Brooklyn peepuls and the New Yorkers and the LA’ers and the Chicago’ers and the Stavanger Norway buddies and shout out to Martha as she hangs in Johannesburg today and to everybody who’s brave enough to tap into the creative spirit. Today in Brooklyn it’s sunny and bright and there’s […]

C.A.V.E. Gallery Presents: Hellbent, BAYO and Haunted Euth New Works (Venice Beach, CA)

CAVE Gallery Hellbent “Triptych” OPENING RECEPTION: SATURDAY, APRIL 14TH  C.A.V.E. Gallery is proud to present new works by: BAYO – “Inside-Outside“ Bayo’s paintings depict visceral worlds, where the main character is the psyche as an axis of conflicts. His paint strokes signal a constant path where anxiety is inescapably contagious. Characters tend to avoid frontal […]

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