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BSA HOT LIST: Books For Your Gift Giving 2017

Documenting the Street Art scene has always been important to BSA and we know it is important to many of our readers as well. This year BSA brought you a number of reviews of Street Art related books that we have run across during the year. It’s not an exhaustive list but now that it […]

Tavar Zawacki: Being Fearless and “Metamorphosis” with Urban Spree

Globally entire societies are undergoing metamorphoses at a quickening pace today – for a variety of reasons depending on who you talk to; The failures of capitalism and neoliberalism, the rapid development of technology, dwindling natural resources, a widening wealth gap, greater communications – all amidst a cross-cultural consciousness that is revealing truths at an […]

Rylsee Plays With Letters, Show Opens at Urban Spree

“How to Play with Letters” is the new monograph, “Other Inbox” is the show. Both are by RYLSEE, the visual artist from Geneva who now lives in Berlin and has been a member of Urban Spree for five years. Rylsee “Other Inbox” Urban Spree Gallery. Berlin. (photo © Gabriel Balagué) The new body of work […]