Brooklyn Street Art

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TIKA Extends Tongues and Ponders Oncoming Zürich Winter

A fine artist who likes drawing and wood burning, TIKA also does her share of aerosol and stylized typography and characters across concrete bricks, along train tracks, and on the occasional van just for fun. This year has installed new works in Zürich, Berlin, Basel, Küsnacht, Cologne, and Bangkok, where she’ll have a solo show […]

Street Art Dispatch from Bangkok, Thailand

Street Artist Blanco grabbed his camera while visiting Bangkok, Thailand this month and discovered walls full of color, character, and even some graff names he’s familiar with in New York. “Utah and Ether are all over the city, crushing it,” he remarks. His timing for visiting the city was good too because it coincided with […]

TIKA in Switzerland With a Shepherdess and Ibex

German Street Artist TIKA has been in Chur, Switzerland recently and last week she put up this piece called “Staibock & Hirtin”, which loosely translates to Albine Ibex and his shepherdess. It is a local theme, this heraldic animal, she says, that has a lot of history in this part of the country. She did […]