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Skount Paints “Protection” for Future Amsterdam Street Art/Urban Contemporary Art Museum

Entrepreneur and visionary Peter Ernst Coolen continues afoot with his plans for Amsterdam’s Street Art/Urban Contemporary art museum sometime next year at NDSM Wharf, and a number of artists have been preparing new works for the space and the great occasion. Today we have a sneak peak at the huge-scale canvas by one of the […]

Skount “Tempus Fugit” : Time Waits for No Person

Spanish Skount in the Netherlands wonders today about the evaporation of time, ever slipping from your fingers. He says his new mural, of which he has done perhaps a hundred that we know of over the last few years, is inspired by a quote about time by the poet Virgil, “Tempus Fugit” “Sed fugit interea, […]

Ready2Rumbl Races Down Roadsides in Rotterdam

Beep Beep! The Road Runner is a good analog symbol for the fast paced Monday that many people on the streets are throwing themselves into. No matter how fast you go there is still some guy or kid on a skateboard passing you. Ready2Rumbl. Rotterdam, The Netherlands. April 2016. (photo © ready2rumbl) The aerosol mural […]

Spring Has Sprung : BonBon, UNO, and OX on the Street

It has been two days since the Sun was directly over the Equator and she is heading north to bring the Global North a lot of flowers and blossoms in the earliest spring since 1896. Today we have newly budded interventions from three cities in this warming hemisphere that may make you think of Spring […]

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