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Navajo on the Road: Jetsonorama from Moenkopi Wash to Bitter Springs

There is a stretch of highway from Bitter Springs to Moenkopi Wash where you might slow down or stop all together to take a look into the eyes of a Navajo. They are there looking at you. Artist and photographer Jetsonorama is telling more stories out here about the Navajo people and their neighbors in [...]

ROA in The Navajo Nation Desert with Sleeping Enemies

Don’t be fooled by a coyote playing “dead”. He’s not really playing. They say that rabbits comprise about 1/3 of a coyotes’ annual diet, and yet one of them is right here sitting by the door on this desert plain, so unimpressed is he with the fast moving varmits.  ROA has just painted the long [...]

Jetsonorma at Bitter Springs

Doing Street Art projects is easier than you think. And harder than you think. Just because you can conceive of the 5 easy steps that it takes to get there, you still have to do those steps. Jetsonorama is continuously commingling his interests in community, medicine, sociology, photography, and public art – in a part [...]

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