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BSA Images Of The Week: 04.02.17

Good to be back in dirty old New York from dirty old Hong Kong this week. Actually on the dirty meter, we think New York still wins! Hooray! Looking to the national stage, things couldn’t possibly be more dirty, as the rolling dumpster fire looks like it is setting records for failure to deliver on […]

“ABOVE” in New York City

In dense cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo and New York there is so much activity that takes place above you, yet we primarily grant relevancy to what happens at street level from our pedestrian perspective. Perhaps those machinations and love affairs and backroom deals and elegant dances and mergers of all sort on higher […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 11.29.15

Rounding out the Thanksgiving week here as people think back on what they have to be thankful for in New York and across the US. Despite the class war on the poor, near-weekly proof of systematic racism and extremism, gun violence that feels out of control, and 3 songs on the top ten by Justin […]

Invader Comes To New York In Peace

As you may know the Parisian Street Artists named Invader is doing a series of installations with his tiles in New York right now. With the help of L.I.S.A. Project’s Ray Rosa and Wayne Rada the digital inspired tile art is popping up in a variety of Gotham locations. Known for his pixelated tile portraits […]

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