Brooklyn Street Art

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A ROA Diary Update in Pictures

A ROA update today – with many exclusive photos here for BSA readers with personal pictures taken and selected by the artist himself. The Belgian Street Artist, whom we long ago christened as an “Urban Naturalist”, has quite defined the category. He’s well traveled and well regarded. He can’t seem to stand still; Borders for […]

D Young V and Eddie Colla in Thailand

New images today from Thailand as California artists and frequent collaborators Eddie Colla and D Young V marked the end of ’14. D Young V creates fearful images of a violent militarized society where people are trapped and distressed, the child-like expressions pinched, the color/bw compositions littered with navigational and directional symbols from software applications, […]

Opiemme in Thailand and the Centrifugal Force of Flying Text

Did you see that movie Words and Pictures? A bit sappy and chock-full of 1st world problems, but some good acting and an underlying premise that has been argued for centuries; The battle between the power of words and the power of visual art. With the proverbial “a picture is worth a thousand words” sending […]

Street Art Dispatch from Bangkok, Thailand

Street Artist Blanco grabbed his camera while visiting Bangkok, Thailand this month and discovered walls full of color, character, and even some graff names he’s familiar with in New York. “Utah and Ether are all over the city, crushing it,” he remarks. His timing for visiting the city was good too because it coincided with […]

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