Brooklyn Street Art

…loves you more every day.

Swoon Across a Red Corrugated Wall in Red Hook

If you have been in New York this spring or summer we hope you have had the opportunity to see Swoon’s site specific installation “Submerged Motherlands” currently on view at the Brooklyn Museum until August 24. She has taken part in a number of programs with the museum during this time including speaking with us [...]

BSA Film Friday: 05.23.14

Our weekly focus on the moving image and art in the streets. And other oddities. Now screening : 1. “Free Graffiti” with a Mystery Man by Farewell 2. BSA in Conversation at Brooklyn Museum 3. Talk Of The Sea from POW! WOW! Hawaii 4. Decolonizing Street Art: Teaser for August in Montreal (unceded territory) 5. [...]

New Swoon in Bushwick

During our talk at the Brooklyn Museum the Street Artist Swoon was asked by someone from the audience if she ever felt nervous putting art on the streets. She responded that she did experience a surge of nervous feelings whenever putting work up in public. Swoon added that she felt that she had been neglecting [...]

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