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Nevercrew: “Home Ground” in Chur, Switzerland

The Alps, the lakes, the 360 degree views; yes this bear is in Switzerland. It is newly painted by Nevercrew for the young Street Art Festival here in Chur, a quiet town of 35,000 and the oldest town in the country. The old part of the city is car-free and rather pristine and quiet most […]

Rough.eq Creates Miniature Refugee Boats in Basel, Switzerland

As much of Europe is actually the recipient of refugees arriving in boats from war-torn countries, this image of a small boat filled past its capacity with people has a lot of relevance to people in Basel, Switzerland who spot them. Rough.eq. Basel, Switzerland. 2017. (photo © Bernhard Chiquet) The tiny concrete sculptures by a […]

Two brothers. Two Murals. Two Countries. One Great Great Grandfather.

Overunder and his Bro create “Nostalgia” A migration story has just been completed between Osnago, Italy and Vogorno, Switzerland by two Reno artist brothers who traced their great great grandfather’s journey via bicycle adventure this summer. “At either end of the bicycle trip I proposed to create a mural. Or half mural to be exact,” […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 03.06.16

Armory Week : The art fairs are happening in NYC and folks are finding new, original and purely derivative ideas from the commercial shows that swarm with fans and lookyloos. The few folks we spoke with say that sales have been average to slow with guests carefully considering before purchasing, with the occasional big splurger. […]

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