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SpiderTag Traces Electric Geometry on the Swedish Waterfront

The Argentinian Street Artist named Spidertag has freed his work from the wall these days and prefers to trace geometry in the air. Spidertag. Artweek. Helsingborg, Sweden. Day 5. (photo © Spidertag) Using a relatively new glowing fluorescent chording that emulates his previous yarn compositions Spidertag spent a week in Helsingborg, Sweden experimenting and creating […]

Hot Tea: An Undulating Fluorescent Apparition Takes You To Church

A fluorescent underwater sea creature is flobbing it’s tentacles in the ripply and unusual directions of the currents and cross currents, full of life and full of crazy ideas. This particular one is hanging over your head actually, but the breezes make it look like its under water. Hot Tea. No Limit Boras 2017. Boras, […]

Anonymouse: Miniature Vignettes on the Street for “No Limit” Festival in Boras, Sweden

A new mouse on the street is bringing the world to you one little shop at a time. Anonymouse. No Limit Boras 2017. Boras, Sweden. September 2017. (photo © Jaime Rojo) Miniaturization on the street or in the museum (or in the street museum) causes you to focus on detail, draw closely, to recall your […]

BSA Images Of The Week: 09.10.17 “No Limit” Borås Special

Welcome to Sunday! This week we have a special edition of BSA Images of the Week; Dedicated to “No Limit” in Boras 2017. Begun on the initiative of Street Artist Shai Dahan, the No Limit festival in Borås Sweden is a nice respite in a quiet, somewhat conservative town of pleasant people where all the […]

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