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Judith Supine: Unmasked Bridge Climber, Gender Bending and Art

Looks like Judith Supine is probably having a helluva week. He unmasked himself publicly for all, opened a new gallery show, climbed a NYC bridge over the East River to install a sculpture, and released a video of it that inadvertently sparked a mini media/bridge security frenzy. Also, he created twin “hermaphrodites” with cigarette penises. [...]

Stunt Loving Supine Slithers Up Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge

Look who’s rolling up the East River; it’s Judith Supine completing yet another night time feat of foolhardy urban exploration with a bridge-based installation for one of the green skinned ladies s/he is known for on Brooklyn streets. Probably seeking one of the last places in New York where you can still smoke a cigarette, [...]

Bifido Says Goodbye to Sochi With a Big Gay Kiss

It was such a short affair, just one of those things. Italian Street Artist Bifido has the last word on street about the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics with two guys in Pussy Riot ski masks and boots, and nothing else. This one is in Naples, Italy. Bifido. Sochi 2014. Naples, Italy 2014. (photo © Bifido) [...]

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