Brooklyn Street Art

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Banksy Hoax, Does Dutch Master Remix of “Girl With the Pearl Earring”

Two things in the news today about Street Art man of mystery, Banksy: Thing 1: He was not arrested, cuffed and covered with a shroud yesterday as reported and re-Tweeted throughout the street-art-isphere, but that hoax was excellent!  (Also, don’t you think he must be older than 35 by now?) See video at end. Thing [...]

BSA Images Of The Week: 10.19.14

We start this weeks images of the week with a postering campaign by nice, friendly, educated photo-journalists who illegally put up wheatpastes of their artistry this week in many parts of the city. “We’re not trying to vandalize,” says a member of #Dysturb in an article published yesterday by The New York Times, “It’s pure [...]

“Decolonizing Street Art” Gives Voice to More than the Usual

Politically themed Street Art or murals have a long tradition – as long as people have had something to advocate for or against. The modern Street Art movement may trace its roots to political postering that came with the printing press or 20th century Mexican muralism or the 1968 student demonstrations around the world, especially [...]

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